Monday, August 31, 2009

Retracts Part 2/?

Okay, so I managed to get some more progress on the retractable landing gear front, and boy, am I surprised its all working out.

First thing I cut out some channels for the servo arms to run to the retracts positions and hollowed out a little hole for the servo itself. Right now everything is fit for an HS55 servo, which may or may not give me enough throw to fully retract the gear... I'm going to test this of course before I finally mount everything, but since any other servo is going to be bigger than the HS55, I figured fitting it first would be OK.

Channels for retract arms mostly cut

Next I flipped the wing over and cut a hole to counter-sink the servo into the top of the wing. I need to do this for two reasons:
  1. it gets the servo head level with the retract mechanism
  2. It gets the servo out of the way of the ESC that is going to be mounted right above it in the fuselage cavity. I'm really glad I noticed this before I actually started gluing things!

A servo test fit for the retracts

Here's some more pics of how it fits together:

Servo out of its hole

Servo from the top

Going to put the retracts aside for a bit. Next step, spackle the fuselage.

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