Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Wow. 3 years since last post!

3 years and I still can't really play that Ducktales song on the Uke. Shameful!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

DuckTales Theme Tab

My roomate was playing DuckTales on an NES emulator this morning. I found the midi and transcribed it for uke. It's a little bit of a stretch in some parts and it's really just a snippet of the theme, but I figured it was at least worth sharing.

There's a PDF here. Also you can grab an example version of the song here.

Ukulele Chords - The Fratellis - Babydoll

I just put up my final entry for UCC 2012 on Youtube. I changed my mind at the last minute and decided to do Babydoll by The Fratellis. It's super fun to play on both the uke and the guitar, and one of my favorite songs by The Fratellis.

I can't remember where I originally got the chords, so I'll just dump them here:

Do you be-[Cadd2/b]lieve they'll catch you [Am]when you fall?
And when [Dm]morning comes the sun is gonna [G]shine (F) (G)
[C]Don't forget your minor [Cadd2/B]key's, your half-lit [Am]cigarette
Cause when [Dm]morning comes, god knows that you'll be [G]mine

So [F]let [G]me [C]in    [E7]
I'm ready to [Am]beg and to [G]sing for my [F]sins
Not leave it to [Am]chance and sweet [G]co-inci-[F]dence
Well that's just [D]crazy and you know it's [G]true (F) (G)

Well they [C]sa-[Cadd2/B]id you was [Am]long gone 
[Em]I just laughed and [F]said al[C]right, bring her [F]home [G]tonight
And I [C]heard you was [Cadd2/B]graciously [Am]put on
[Em]I just laughed and [F]said good [C]night, guess [F]it's al[G]right [F][G]

[C]Babydoll, The men who [Cadd2/B]hang like flowers [Am]in your hall
Are [Dm]asking when you're love is gonna [G]show (F) (G)
And [C]who knows why 
The love you [Cadd2/B]need will always [Am]pass you by
Well I [Dm]heard it's true your love is gonna [G]grow

So [F]let [G]me [C]know [E7]
Cause I can stay or [Am]honey [G]I can [F]go
Just to wher[Am]ever you [G]tell me [F]so
And find my [D]place there and there I'll [G]stay[F][G]

Well they [C]sa[Cadd2/B]-id you was [Am]burned out 
[Em]I just laughed and [F]said come [C]on, she's not [F]burned she's just [G]gone
And it t[C]ook me too [Cadd2/B]long till I f[Am]ound out 
F[Em]aces that you k[F]now the b[C]est, oh w[F]ell I g[G]uess
And they la[C]ughed when you[Cadd2/B] said you was l[Am]eaving
E[Em]verybody k[F]nows you w[C]ell, 'cept for [F]me, can't you t[G]ell
And you w[C]atched from the [Cadd2/B]wings of the l[Am]ate show
R[Em]oses by your f[F]eet, of r[C]ed, all for [F]me you s[G]aid[F][G]

[Am]Babydoll... [Dm]Babydoll...

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Ukulele Tabs - Brazil

This is a song that I had a lot of trouble finding decent tabs for, but that I think sounds great on the Ukulele. I transcribed this from a version I found on youtube:

Here's a much worse version of me performing it on the banjolele (I really need to work on my strumming for this song):

The tabs I created are available here. Again, the rhythm isn't transcribed exactly, but hopefully you can figure it out from the performances linked above.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Ukulele Tabs: Mele Kalikimaha

I performed Mele Kalikimaha for my Christmas episode of the Ukulele Cover Challenge 2012 (UCC2012).

My version isn't awesome (it's short, badly recorded, and I make mistakes), and it's almost entirely based on this version I found on YouTube:

I did have to reverse-engineer the chords and tabs that were being used, and I figured I'd post them here. They're simplified from those in the original YouTube video (that I got them from) because I couldn't get the chord transitions learned for the other version and sing at the same time in just a week.

I'm terrible at getting timing right when I transcribe music, so it's pretty much just single notes when a chord or fingering changes.