Monday, August 10, 2009

Engine Arrived!

My new brushless engine for the Me109 arrived today! I'm impressed with how fast it shipped, I ordered it at the end of the day thursday and it showed up at work just before noon. Yeay for the internet and shipping.

Engines and props for the 109

Here's the kit I bought (all of it was from, which I heard about on ATTF Podcast) :
As you can see from the pictures above, the ESC and Motor came in some bitchin' metal cases, I was very impressed with the presentations.

Now that I have the engine, I decided to see how it would fit. Good lord am I glad I didn't start gluing things already. You can see from the next two pictures that I'm going to have to mount the engine in the reverse orientation. Instead of having the stick mount on the top of the engine nacelle, I'm going to have to flip it around and mount it on the bottom (since there's no gearbox and the spinner needs to be in the middle of the model).

Original Engine Mount

Brushless Engine Mount (stick too short)

That's all well and good, except that, as you can see from the pictures, in order to get the engine far enough forward to spin the prop in front of the nacelle, I'm going to need to pull the stick WAAAAY out of the housing. So far out in fact, that I'm terribly worried it wouldn't be enough foam to hold the engine safely. So what am I going to do? Well, I rummaged around in a bag of spare balsa wood peices that I had lying around, and managed to find some bits that I can epoxy together to make a longer stick mount. It turns out that they're the perfect size once they're glued together.

Epoxy is the answer!

I'm going to let the epoxy dry overnight, and might give it another go tommorow after work. Here's hoping everything goes better next time.

Also, I need to clean my table.

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