Sunday, August 9, 2009

Little progress

I was planning on working on the fuselage yesterday, but after planning a bit, I think I'm going to wait until I get the rest of the power system (engine, speed controller, prop, etc..) that I ordered. I want to make sure it fits before I seal up the fuselage, which I'm hoping will save me some trouble.

So, instead I decided to do what I could and install the guide-tubes for the rudder and aileron into the fuselage halves. This had to be done before I could seal the fuselage anyway, and doesn't depend on the power system at all.

Guide tubes installed

Guide tubes installed

I'm going to modify the engine nacelle so that its removable, but that's going to wait for another day. I can still sand and spackle the fuselage, but I would really like it to be assembled before I do that, so I know the pieces are fitting together nicely.

I also went ahead and enlarged the battery compartment, it was made for NIMH battery packs, and I'm going to be running off of lipo, so it needed to be trimmed back a bit. I'm going to test-fit my batteries before I seal it up, and probably add some fuzzy side of velcro to the top and bottom to make sure its all snug when there's a battery in there.

Making space for the battery

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