Sunday, June 21, 2009

People suck

So yesterday I was flying my Twinstar II R/C for the first time since I painted it. Now, one of the strange things about having an R/C aircraft (or R/C anything I suppose) is that people seem to suddenly love to come up and talk to you. I imagine its like having a dog: people who would normally never come up and talk to you see it and come over to ask you questions or comment on it. It caught me off guard at first, but I'm getting more used to it. Anyway, so I'm flying the plane, and one of the maintenance guys from the park I was at comes driving up to me in his little golf cart and starts asking me the normal 'how much does it cost / how far can it go / where did you get it?' type questions.

Then the part that sucks: He mentions to me that the guy who normally flies his (awesome) scale helicopter at the park was asked to leave and go to another park. So I ask him why, and apparently the people who live on the edge of the park were complaining about (get this) the SMOKE from his helicopter. Now, I suspect they're just assholes, but that strikes me as totally stupid. Its a park, a public space. The guy is a GOOD pilot, he's not doing irresponsible things, just flying back and forth in an open field.

So I'm talking to the maintenance guy about it, and I slowly learn that these people are even bigger jerks than I thought:
  1. As far as I can tell, they never talked to the guy with the heli. They just called the park and complained.
  2. They called the fire-department and reported the smoke (knowing full-well that it was from the helicopter), which is a waste of EVERYONE's damn time, and as far as I'm concerned, one of the worst things you could do.
So anyway, finally the park administrators decide that they should just cave and ask the guy to leave. So now he has to fly at another park. The worst part is, that the park he's flying at now is smaller and much closer to a heavily-trafficked road and a HIGHWAY. Sure, there are more people that fly RC stuff there, but that doesn't mean is safer. It makes me really mad that these people have the gall to complain about someone like that, especially the way they went about it.

Yeah, so I'm really disappointed in humanity.

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