Sunday, October 18, 2009

(more) Fiberglassing

So I've spent some more time fiberglassing the main fuselage. Here are a couple of pictures where I'm trying to show the finish on the body (it's tough to get a good shot of it).



I covered over the hole where the vertical stabalizer is going to go, but I'll cut it out and sand it down before I actually put it in there.

Tail fiberglass detail

Here's the final finish on the engine nacelle (its just about ready for paint). You can also see a small divot I cut out of the bottom that will be painted to look like the air intake vent on the real plane (instead of the smooth lip they had there in the original model).

Cowling fiberglassed

The next step will be fixing these two peices back together I think...

Just need to fit these together

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