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Personal Projects

This is a list of the projects I've worked on in my spare time.


An android application that displays chords for the ukulele.

Currently available on the android market (for free).

Google-code page:


Freetar is a Free open-source game based on  'Guitar Hero'. It supports a large variety of gamepad configurations (as well as the Guitar Hero controller with a Playstation -> USB adapter).

The Freetar Editor is a closely related project that allows users to create songs for Freetar from songs on their computers - allowing a near unlimited number of songs.

Note: I was forced to discontinue work on Freetar due to a conflict of interest when I was hired by Activision.

Google-code page:


Whistler is a program designed to teach my bird how to whistle. In the program you choose a bunch of .wav files (possibly of whistling) and a schedule, and they will be repeatedly played.

It was made to avoid the tedium of having to repeat the same tune over and over again, and to drive my neighbors and bird insane.

Google-code page:


This program is a tool designed to assist players in the game WWII:OL (also known as "Battlefield Europe") in setting the correct range for the infantry mortar. It (when provided with accurate coordinates for the player and target) will calculate the appropriate range.

It uses the windows speech-recognition engine so that you can enter coordinates from the in-game map verbally without having to type them. Also it makes you feel like a badass shouting out mortar coordinates.

Google-code page:


An inspired name for a little program I wrote in an afternoon to quiz myself about notes on a music staff.

Google-code page:


This was my first attempt at an android application, an app that was designed to help view real-time data about the online MMO Battleground Europe on your mobile phone.

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