Tuesday, July 1, 2008


I ordered an Eye-Fi SD card for my camera the other day. Its a special Secure Digital memory card (2 GB capacity) that also has a built in 802.11g/b wireless card. The awesome part is, it automatically uploads pictures that your camera has taken as soon as you enter a recognized wireless AP.

I set it up a little while ago (which was extremely fast and simple) and its working like a charm. It takes a few seconds (probably about a minute or so) to upload, but its 1000x better than having to walk over, take out the SD card, hook up the cardreader, and transfer the files.

The nice thing is, it doesn't REQUIRE that your computer be on. It will automatically connect to the internet and upload pics even if your computer isn't on. Which is pretty good. Not really a problem for me (since I have my media PC on all the time at home), but it'll be fantastic when I'm on the road... Of course, there's always the restriction that I actually take pictures in the first place.

To prove that it works, here's a picture of some of the toys lying around my apartment (automagically uploaded to my Flickr account mind you):

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